Procedure of Ordering and Paying

It is easy to order. Now, we will guide you step by step through our ordering system from filling up the order to being issued the certificate/voucher as confirmation on your payment:

a.) Send the order for the rent via the form. (Please pay attention to flawless completion of your e-mail address to which you will be sent the confirmation on accepting the order and the information on payment methods, and the electronic certificate/voucher after your settlement.

b.) You will receive an automatic confirmation to your email address on accepting the order to the system for processing together with the number of your order.

c.) The operator will contact you as soon as possible (by phone or by email). The operator will confirm the date you ask for and also will inform you about the final price for the stay.  You can receive the updated exchange rate of the Czech crown to your currency in the Exchange Rate Quotation of your bank or at this site.

d.) Confirm your 100% interest in the rent under given conditions.

e. )The operator will offer you payment methods to settle the stay.

f.) Settle the rent to CSOB bank: CZ55 0300 0000 0002 8212 8351. Dont forget number of reservation.

g.) After having received the payment, you receive an electronic certificate/voucher to your e-mail address with confirmation on the settlement, allowing you to use the rent. Please consider 5 working days after sending/crediting your payment to our account.
Options how to settle the stay and payment conditions

The payment with an advance at the order at least 5 weeks before the planned stay

To settle the advance amounting to 50% of the price for the stay, which is due at the latest within 7 days after having ordered the stay unless the operator specifies otherwise. The additional payment shall be settled at the latest 1 month before starting the rent. After receiving the whole payment, you will be sent the electronic certificate/voucher with confirmation on the payment allowing you to use the rent.

* Via bank transfer or deposit to the account. Bank: CSOB, a.s., Anglicka 20, 120 00 Prague 2, IBAN: CZ55 0300 0000 0002 8212 8351, SWIFT: CEKO CZ PP . The variable symbol corresponds to the number of your order.